Land Rover Discovery "Being There", January 2007, Andrew Green - Photographer

British Columbia was selected as one of many locations for this Land Rover campaign.  Free Spirit Spheres, created by Tom Chudleigh on Vancouver Island was incorporated into this story.  These spheres are living spaces that can travel and be set up wherever one might choose, and Land Rover found this to be an interesting concept for their campaign.  The Discovery 3 Land Rover travelled the sphere throughout the city into the countryside where is was hung in the trees as a living space.  In reality, what a wonderful way to travel. 


Getty Images "Axa Insurance"  Winter 2006, Romilly Lockyer - Photographer

Getty Images, London has a commercial division which produces stock imagery for specific clients.  In this case, we shot stock images specifically for Axa Insurance, a worldwide insurance provider.  For 12 days, we completed more than the 56 scheduled setups in various locations including 6 days on Grouse Mountain and numerous other location in the Vancouver area.  Romilly Lockyer accomplished an excellent campaign for a very pleased client and we enjoyed this challenging project.

"L Word", Showtime, Art Department (NY), Max Vadukul - Photographer
We produced Season IIII Advertising and Promotion Print Campaign for the "L Word".  Max Vadukul flew in from New York 2 days before the shoot.  We had a team from Vancouver building the 4 sets under the direction of Vincent Mazeau who arrived here for the build day.  The sets included 2 tons of white beach sand, 2 duratrans 16' x 24' and a painted backdrop 16' x 24' and numerous builds.   We imported Briese Lights from Los Angeles (not available here), and prelit all 4 sets to make the most of our two shoot days.  Max was brilliant and had total command of the sets shooting 10 cast in groups and singles of each.  It made for a very busy and very productive 2 days.  When all was completed, our Showtime clients were very pleased.  

"O2 Imode" VCCP, London, Peter Seaward - Photographer
Peter Sewward from London was hired to shoot the O2 Print Campaign for VCCP from London.  We were hired by Treehouse North Productions Inc. to produce the shoot.  It was logistically challenging as we were location dependent with a commercial that was being shot simultaneously.  In the end, we did 17 setups over 7 days on location including the interior of B.C.    It was a terrific experience to work with Peter who is a master!

"Blackberry, Douglas Coupland, West Vancouver, B.C."  Dan Chavkin, Photographer

"Vanity Fair, Lily Evangeline & Matt Ward, Vancouver, B.C. "  John Huba, Photographer

Coleman, The Outdoor Company "Let's Go Outside",  Joel Larson, Photographer